Colored Crayons and How They Were Invented

Nowadays, you can buy a full box of crayons, for instance from Crayola, in 152 colors. In 1903 though they came only in 8 colors and that was a huge deal since the first crayons were sold only in black.  Crayons were mostly used for industrial purposes at first. At some point, Harold Smith and Edwin Binney, cousins, introduced the colored crayons for kids which were bright, colorful and lively.

Alice, the wife of Edwin came up with the name. She combined the words “craie” and “oleaginous” which mean: chalk (from French) and oleaginous which means oily. So in other words Alice created the oily chalk.

At first, the way the colored crayons where made, they were not safe for kids. The pigments that were used for their manufacturing were bad for the kids, especially if they were swallowed. In time, these were made safe and the company developed crayons that smell like flavors, that don’t leave stains on clothing, metallic, that have glitter on them and many more.

Nowadays there are lots of companies that sell colored crayons for kids. Like any other products, some are of higher quality while others are not. Depending on your budget and how much you want to spend on crayons, you can choose one of the many brands available on the market.

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