Haiku Stairs or the Stairway to Heaven in Oahu, Hawaii

The Stairway to Heaven or the Haiku Stairs as they are called by the local people is found of the island of Oahu, in Hawaii. It is a very steep hiking trailing path and it is considered dangerous for those who want to feel the altitude. At first, this was just a wooden ladder which was spiked into the Haiku Valley’s south side cliff.

People wanted to place an antenna from the cliffs both sides and in 1942 they started building the ladder. There was also a building that was the link between the haiku Valley Naval Radio Station and Wahiawa at around 850 m (2800 feet). The purpose of the antenna was to send radio signals on a low frequency straight into the Haiku Valley. The signal also reached the submerged submarines of the US Navy located in Tokyo Bay. Apparently, the signal reached even India at 6600 miles away (10.600 km).

In 1950, the base was decommissioned and used for other purpose (the Omega Navigation System). That’s when the stairs once made from wood were replaced by ramps and metal. And, according to visitors, there are 3922 steps from bottom to the top. In 1987 both the trail and the station were closed and no one is allowed to hike in this area. Of course, there are those who ignore the signs and go up the stairs. Even the locals have their doubts about reopening the trail.

The Haiku Stairs are repaired from 20013 but there is the land usage right that is still unresolved. The cost for all repairs reached $875,000. The officials of Honolulu said that they have no intention of opening the stairs in the near future, but some of them want to, but under their close supervision. As mentioned before, it is a dangerous place and people even died in 2012 while climbing the stairs. Nowadays, there’s always a guard at the bottom of the stairs.

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