Interesting Facts About Commonly Consumed Food

Commonly consumed foods have special uses in the medical field. Coconut water can be used as a substitute for blood plasma and tart cherries have more painkiller than aspirin. On the other hand, other foods are used to create nitroglycerin and dynamite and apples have more stimulants than caffeine.

We eat food every day but don’t really know the actual effect it has on our system.  Even more, some of these foods have medical purposes and can be use in emergency situations. Plus, knowing all about them might change the desire of people eating them in the future.

Coconuts are very popular all worldwide. But do you know that the water they hold inside can be used in emergency situations? It can be used as a substitute for blood plasma. Coca-Cola is a very popular drink all around the world. Everyone knows about its color nowadays, but its original color was green. This next one might be of higher interest: orange juice. Everyone drinks it and makes fresh squeezed juice every morning. Even more, it’s popular among children and they always ask for more. However, you should know that it contains alcohol, in a small amount of course.

When it comes to pizzas, barbecues or homemade foods, many of us use ketchup. Originally, this special sauce that makes our mouth burn (if it’s spicy enough) was designed as a drug.  Peanuts have also an interesting story. We eat them when we watch football, when we’re out for dinner and wait for the order and usually in all situations possible. The interesting part is that they are used to create dynamite. Plus, the oil is used to create nitroglycerin and they are legumes, and not nuts. It’s strange to find out that a food we eat with so much pleasure can cause so much destruction.

We all love drinks that give us the amount of caffeine we need to get us through the day. Well, you should eat an apple in the morning, because apples have more stimulants. Plus, you eat a fruit, which is good for health. Avocados have more proteins than any other fruit and that’s why they are poisonous to almost all birds – it is interesting to know that what gives us power, can take away a bird’s life.

Parents know that oranges are good for their children because they have Vitamin C. Even more, these citruses are more popular than other and even more popular than fruit. However, you should know that strawberries have more Vitamin C than oranges.  If you have a head ache, aspiring might not be necessary. It’s said that tarts with cherries contain more painkillers than an actual drug. Plus, cherries are considered to be a part of the rose family and not fruits.

Interesting Facts About Commonly Consumed Food

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