Moscow, One of the Most Expensive Cities in the World

Moscow is the capital of Russia and is found on River Moscow. With an area of only 878 sq km, the city was first mentioned in 1147. Its population was divided between Ugric and Finish and was called Merya. In time, Moscow survived besides natural disasters, fires and riots started by its own people or by foreign.

The patriots set Moscow on fire when Napoleon occupied it in 1812. After a decade, a revolution led to naming the city the capital of the state, in 1917. Until 1991, it was the major city of USSR but it also became the center of battles, mainly political, and the starting point of the federation’s dissolution. Since 1917, Moscow is the political, economic and cultural center of the country.

What to Visit in Moscow

The seat of the Government, also known as the Kremlin, is found in the Red Square. The most important scientific along with educational institutions have their main headquarters in Moscow. The city also holds some of the best known museums in the area, like the Kremlin Palace, Museum of Oriental Culture, the Art Gallery Tretyakov or Central VI Lenin Museum.

Moscow is the biggest Russian city as well as one of the biggest and most expensive European cities. It was named 2 times in the row “the most expensive city in the world”. Many world billionaires live here at it surpassed other major cities like New York, London or Paris. The Red Square is the most popular destination of Russia. That is because this is the origin point for all directions.

One of the most popular museums of Russia is also found here: Lenin’s Mausoleum where the mummy of Vladimir Lenin is exposed. Balshoi Theater is a symbol of this amazing city and country. “Swan Lake” was played here for the first time in 1887. “Giselle” or “Romeo and Juliet” were also played here in time. Even in communism, the theater brought a lot of money to the city and state because of the international events it held.

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