Online Shopping, More Popular Than In-Store Shopping

New researches have been made and it was obvious: people prefer online shopping more than store visits. And it’s a natural trend since technology evolved so much that nowadays you can buy anything from all devices: PCs, tablets and smartphones. Apparently, shoppers spend more time in a store, around 42 minutes compared to almost half that time when shopping online, around 22 minutes. In a whole week a shopper can visit over 16 online retailers web-stores in 4 hours and one can also save gas money in that time by not going to the store.

As mentioned before, this is a natural trend because the devices in a household doubled in the past 10 years. More than half of the people the research was made on believe that technology will make online shopping more conveniently and even more efficient. This means that all retailers that want to attract shoppers and increase their revenue must have an attractive online presence if they want to sell their products. This involves creating powerful apps and tools in order to help consumers in the future.

Of course, from the perspective of a store manager, the revenue can see a downfall. That is because if someone shops online and decides the product isn’t what they asked for, they will return it. In that case, a return means a minus in the revenue since the product was bought online. Probably in the future, only a handful of retailers will have physical stores for people to visit.

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