Save Money Cooking at Home and Eating Healthy Food

Many countries around the world base their eating habits on rice and beans, because they are inexpensive and very nutritious. Even more, these are unprocessed, easy to grow and can be sold in bulk. Some say that buying junk food is cheaper than cooking at home and try to save money by eating in town – this is a myth. Cooking and eating healthy food at home can provide more nutrition and also saves you money.

Besides rice and beans, there are also other healthy food that can be cooked at home. Beans are the perfect source for proteins, B vitamins and other stuff our body needs, but the more important part is that they are low in sodium and fat and are high in fiber. Brown rice is cheap and cooked it contains a lot of nutriments compared to other foods. Plus, when the beans are combined with rice, they can provide the same amount of proteins like meat. Also, they digest slowly meaning that you eat less.

Other Healthy Food To Buy and Eat at Home

Eggs are another great source of proteins and can be a replacement for junk food. Cabbage is cheap and can feed the entire family and it contains vitamins C and K and has properties of fighting cancer. Carrots are usually cheap all year round and provide a great source of fiber and Vitamins A and K. Sweet potatoes can also be included on the list because they make great oven fries and include fiber, Vitamins B6, A, C and manganese.

Frozen whole turkey can be purchase in stores for sale and is a good source for those animal proteins we need and provides vitamins too. Even the Nonfat Greek Yogurt can be included on the list of healthy foods. If you buy it in larger containers, you can save some money rather than buying it in smaller packages. Other foods we can include are whole grain bread, frozen green peas, rolled oats are many more.

A very important thing to keep in mind when trying to eat healthy food and save money too, is teaching people to eat according to the month of the year. This means that seasonal foods are cheaper than the other ones. Plus, always buy food only for the next week and have a plan for all 7 days. Throwing away so much food every month means that we throw away money without even realizing it.

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